DJ Controller options

Being a DJ for over 25 years, I have seen the evolution of music.  I was around when Hip-Hop started to get going.  The birth of the New Jack Swing era.  I have seen dance music evolve.  Freestyle with it’s latin-infused beats was popular in the 1980’s.  I have seen the evolution of house music, with beginnings in the Chicago house party scene.  Now, electronic music dominates nightclubs, with the top EDM DJ’s and producers making millions of dollars.

I have also seen the evolution of the equipment.  Techniques 1200’s were the industry standard for many years.  When CD’s became mainstream, different types of CD players started to emerge.  The Pioneer CDJ series became the industry standard for most nightclubs and mobile DJ’s everywhere.

Now the controller has gained steam.  Technology has advanced enough where you can pack good sound and advanced features in a device where you can essentially carry it around in a small carry case, or in some instances, a backpack.  Another perk of having an all in one DJ solution:  Price.

This is perfect for the aspiring DJ, or someone who who just need something to use in the garbage or bedroom.  There are several choices out there, so this article will lay out the best DJ controllers for beginners.

We will look at the different features, hardware connections, software compatibility, and most importantly, price.

The title of this article is best cheap DJ controller, so we will review devices that are $250 or less.  I am using for the pricing, because overall, they seem to be the most competitive.

I feel $250 is not that much when you consider you will probably use the controller quite a bit.  We will list these in alphabetical order.

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